Rochenleder Ganzschliff



Gürtel für Damen und Herren

Rochenleder Mittelschliff

Welcome at Boonobi Leather Goods Trade

We are specialized in processing of diverse leathers. Although stingrays are popular in Asia as edible fish, their leather is a real rarity. (Stingrays are no subject to the protection of species.)

Not only is stingray leather beautiful to look at, it is also highly wear-resistant, elegant and absolutely sensational. In respect of the wear and tear durability, stingray leather surpasses all other leathers. Its wear-free beauty can compete with all other exotic leathers.

As we have our own fabrication, we are able to meet your special wishes. Our fabricated products are handmade and every item is a masterpiece in terms of the bag making craftsmanship.

Our website only displays a small selection of the multitude of our products.

Office hours from 8.00 to 16.00 hrs.

Retailers and resellers please request a separate price list using our contact form.

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